Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nearly Out!!!

Well I just had to share these photos!!!
Lilys front tooth has been loose for weeks and weeks and now finally it is nearly out!!! It is just hanging by a thread, so close.............She just can't leave it alone, constantly in front of the mirror, seing how woobly it is:)
Oh and a layout to share!!!
This is from a Blind Challenge over at
The photo is from my younger brother Charles' wedding day. I've had the photo since 2002 and havn't done anything with it, so now it is out of the shoebox (excellent filing system I know) and scrapped!!!

Well I better go and do some housewife stuff:(
Back to work on Monday so I can't put it off any longer, have a good weekend!!!

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  1. that is STUNNING Barb,.... love it :) the page - not the scarey hanging tooth LOL!!!!