Saturday, August 14, 2010

The latest and some sour cream...............

What a glorious day we are having here today!!! I have been out in the garden for a while enjoying the sun, I love warm weather and hate being cold, so I can't wait for winter to be over!!!!!
These are some of the layouts I have done recently.
The first one is one of the August Sketches over at Wicked Princesses. I used the August Were Savvy kit and love how it's turned out :)

This next one was a sketch over at Anna's Craft Cupboard. It's the first time I've joined in over there, but I think I will again!!! I loved the sketch and how my page came together. they are photos of my dad and his siblings. One when they were young and one taken about three years ago. I love seeing the difference and am amazed that they are still all here.....

I used a kit from over at scrapbooking from scratch for this one. Talk about sharing the love :)

And now for the sour cream part!! I have a 2 year old that gets into EVERYTHING!!! I mean absolutely EVERYTHING!!! If you leave anything on the table she eats it. And here she is into the tub of sour cream:) I think you can tell by these photos that she is soooooooooooooooooooooo cheeky!!!

Sometimes it's cute and other times it's pull your hair out and pour another bourbon!!!
Hope you are all doing something great on the weekend, enjoying the sunshine and your families.


  1. that is sooo cute Barb!! can't wait to see those pics scrapped :)
    Love your LOs too, esecially the one for Anna's

  2. LOL Love the sour cream piccies! My kids are sour cream lovers too ;)
    Your LOs are gorgeous, love the button circle on the first one!