Sunday, July 18, 2010

A dedication To Joan

During the week Ben's grandmother passed away, Nana Joan she was affectionately known as:)
I know she is in a better place now as she has been suffering of late, but still sad to lose such a great soul.
I think I felt such a closeness to her as we are both Wauchope Girls and I will miss her very much.....
So I decided to share with you a few layouts I have done of her over the years. You may of seen them before (sorry) but this is a little tribute to a women that taught me many things over the 12 years I knew her.

The funeral is tomorrow so I hope I can be strong for Ben. I haven't had a cry yet, so knowing me there will probably be a flood very soon. He has to do a reading at the church and be a pallbearer, but he says he will be fine.......
OK sorry for a bit of a sadder post, but she was a great old stick who had a great life and a family that loved her so that should be one positive:)

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