Friday, April 21, 2017

Have you?

Have you checked out Jot Magazine yet?
Jot Mag is helping creative women find simple, fresh, fun and fast ways to tell their stories and document their lives. A digital magazine, blog, social media and ebooks.
They have a monthly mood board challenge and also regularly call on submissions for their magazine. I often try my hand at the challenge but as yet haven't braved a submission!!! One day I will!!!

This month the mood board is:

And my attempt:

And a close up:

I was trying to use the mustard, blue and gold from the board. I must admit my layout went in a totally different direction than I first thought. But truth be told I like how it ended up!!!

Since it's school holidays I have been trying to fit in a bit more creative time and have been experimenting in my art journal. Nothing too exciting, but I'll share anyway.
Drawing isn't my strong point, but if I  don't try I'll never be any better, and if I preach that to my kids I better tell myself the same thing.

Thanks for dropping by xx 

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