Thursday, February 18, 2010

The joy of Kiddies!!

Well we have have some sleepless nights here:( My poor little Gracie girl has had croup and now has contracted a virus that is going around.
But in true Grace style she still has the energy to pull her sisters hair!!!!
Here are a couple of layouts that I done on the weekend. They are from the cybercrop that was happening over at I only got two completed (as I mentioned sick kiddies), but I am really happy with them. The first one is the Blind Scrap held on Saturday night, my first game of Bingo too don't ya know, and I love it:))), the page that is.....

The papers I used in the above layout are from The January Kit over at and I am pretty sure they are currently reduced so go and have a peek. There was heaps in the kit and the colours are so versatile you could use them for any type of layout:)
And the next one was Kaylas Challenge. You had to write a love letter, mine is hiding under the blue paper in an envelope.

Speaking of Cybercrops there is one over at this weekend:

Don't you just love the cake:) I tried to make this cake for Graces 1st birthday:) Didn't turn out exactly the same, but here was my attempt
Ok I'm off to get everyone ready for the day!!!

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  1. OMG i love the cake.... i have to decide what i am making for Meah's on Saturday AHHHH!!!

    i love your BC page!!! its stunning